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Here are the answers of Frequently asked questions 

 Do I have to register a customer account to use Webshop?
  No, you do not have to register a customer account to purchase products from webshop, that is optional. However, if you do register a customer account you will be able to keep track of your orders, and depending on your turnover you can 
enjoy our special customer offerings, etc.

 How can I open an account for Retail webshop?

  To open an accoun in the Retail webshop, you should go to the registration page and fill in all mandatory information that are marked with an asterisk. After you submit such an application you will receive an email with a link that you need click on to activate your account. When you activate your account you will be able to login using the login information that you have entered when you filled out the application.

 How do I place an order through Webshop?

   You place an order through Webshop by adding the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart. When ready, click on "CHECKOUT" and proceed to your shopping card.
Can I remove an item from my order?

  Provided that you have not sent your order, you can remove an item from the shopping cart at any time. Click on the "X" button next to the price of the article that you want to remove from the shopping basket.

How do I change the quantity of items on my order?
  Provided that you have not
sent your order, you can change the quantity of an item in the shopping cart. Click on the "+" or "-" buttons in the shopping cart.


Can I cancel an order if I change my mind?
  Provided that you have not sent your order, you can cancel your order at any time. By clicking on the "Delete active order" button in the Cart module, or in the shopping basket you will cancel your order.

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