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We are pleased to introduce our new version of retail Webshop.
This revolutionary software solution in its base offers a range of options suitable to your needs, also the needs and habits of your buyers.
Our new retail Webshop is conceived as CMS (Content Management System), which means that through Webshop administration you may edit the existing and add new site content. Our system enables the fast and easy change of colors, used fonts and other parameters which influence the Webshop visual appearance, and with advanced knowledge in CSS (technology for editing the appearance of web content), you are able to completely redecorate the appearance of the Webshop application in order to adjust it to your affinities and needs.
In order to better understand our new system, we are providing you with two proposals of Webshop designs, which you can review and test at the following links:

All orders, which you may send during your testing, will be processed automatically and Proforma Invoice will be sent to you through the system in order to in order to have insight into complete sales cycle. Retail Webshop, except applications to be used by your customers, includes an administrative application that you would use and your commercialists for administrating customers, Webshop and order processing.

Step into the world of success and follow up modern world trends!

The data shown here, specifically the entire database, must not be copied. It is not permitted to copy or distribute the data or the entire database without the prior written consent of TecAlliance and/or allow these actions to be carried out by third parties. A contravention constitutes copyright infringement and will be prosecuted.

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